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Options Pro:- A comprehensive course, which covers from basic concepts to in-depth understanding of the complex options market. Course contents designed after extensive research to provide step wise and complete knowledge to newcomers as well as existing options traders. After taking up this unique course, a trader will be able to have a deep understanding of the derivative segment and integrate options with their daily trading practice. A valuable addition to your current trading regime and better money management skills will be added after taking up this module.
For the ease of understanding and keeping in mind different knowledge base of participants, we have divided Options Pro course in four sections:

1. Introduction to derivatives: : 1 Hrs

● Future & Options and other derivative products
● Risk/reward in derivative market, margin terminology
● Costs, exercise mechanism and behavior of options
● Derivatives payoffs
● Benefits of choosing options over other products

2. Stock derivatives in detail: : 2 Hrs

● Stock Futures and their formulation
● Payoff of stock futures
● Terminology:
      ❖ Contacts and their lifecycle
      ❖ Cost of carry and basis
      ❖ Contango and backwardation
● Understanding of Margin system of NSE
● Stock options and their terminology
      ❖ Options types
      ❖ The Moneyness
      ❖ The basic formula
      ❖ Payoff of options
● Margins and their calculation in options

3. Open interest, Options chain and its analysis : 1 Hrs

4. Breaking the myths in derivative trading : 1 Hrs

1. Options in detail : 1 Hrs
● Terminology
● Payoffs
● Understanding of leverage in options trading

2. Options mathematics : 1 Hrs
● Formulations
● Black Scholes and binomial model

3. The Greeks : 6 Hrs
● Understanding of options greeks
● Inter-relationship among the greeks
● Greek play in options
      ○ Volatility play
      ○ Time play

4. Trading with options: Things to consider : 2 Hrs
● Probability of profit: calculation and usage
● Playing volatility with IVP and IVR
● Risk management in options play
● Which is good: Nacked options or combinations

5. Option writing vs buying : 1 Hrs
● Common beliefs behind both approach
● Which stream to choose

6. Common options strategies : 4 Hrs

7. Traders favorite combinations : 6 Hrs
● Ratios and spreads
● Calendars
● Ironfly and condors
● Ladders

8. Implementing and backtesting a profitable setup : 4 Hrs

9. Special live trading session for chosen strategies : 4 Hrs

10. Doubt clearing and QnA session

Options trading allows an investor to benefit from fast and effective returns with limited investments, but you need know the tricks of the trade and leverage the same for profitable returns. Hence, traders who want to trade options rather than a direct asset can go for certificate courses in options trading. Courses on options trading highlight the concepts of different elements. Besides, option trading education for beginners cover the basics of finances for a more elaborate overview on the fundamentals. By joining courses for trading one can learn the risk factors and analysis of the market trends. Through options trading education, beginners can identify trading fundamentals and find out how the industry works. Options in trading are limitless if individuals know where to start, how to proceed and where to end. Option trading crash courses can streamline thought process and clarify where one can stretch their profit margins within a limited time.

Investing in options for beginners is a good way to start your stint as a trader, and that’s exactly where courses to learn about options trading come in handy. Learning options trading basics helps one to learn and employ lucrative strategies to cut losses. While there are numerous options trading investment courses online, you need to chose the best course in options trading by judging its credibility along with the experience of the instructors offering options trading training.  

The best online courses for options trading will offer an inclusive outlook of the global stocks and financial markets, while acquainting you with the tools and instruments that you can use to your benefit while trading. Options trading courses in India come in multiple formats, to suffice the educational needs of beginner as well as advanced level candidates in options trading online training. It’s upon you to choose the right kind of options trading investment courses, as per your requirement. 

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