Candlestick Study Course

Candlestick's study is the analysis of candlestick charts and a means by which price movements can be studied for stock market analysis. There are two candlesticks used in studying candlestick patterns namely the Bullish Candle which occurs when the close is higher or much higher than the end and the Bearish candle where the close is either lower or much lower than the open. The candlestick has three main parts, the upper shadow, which is a vertical line existing between the high of the day and the open or close. The next is the real body, which represents the difference between the open and the close. Finally, the lower shadow is the line between the low of the day and the open or close. 

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During this course you will likewise comprehend the accompanying:

  1.  What are candlesticks?

  2.  Candle terminology and market emotions.

  3.  Most powerful candlestick patterns that work best in the markets.

  4.  Single candle pattern

  5.  Double candle pattern

  6.  Triple candle pattern

  7.  Candles with trendline

  8.  Candles with Fibonacci

  9.  Candles with indicators

10. Different trading strategies based on candlesticks.

      (Intraday and positional)

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