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Before you start venturing into the stock market, you must understand how the stock market works. There are a lot of calculations and financial risks that you have to take before you can fully understand how to invest in stock market in India. One of the most important of these understands technical analysis works, and to get a full conception of this complex concept, you must enroll in a technical analysis course near you like that offered by Chartking. With the help of technical analysis of stocks, it becomes much easier to take risks to your advantage and get hold of share market tips. 

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What is Trendline? 

Trendlines are one of the most important tools not only in technical analysis but also in technical identification and confirmation. Technical analysis assumes that prices in the stock market follow certain Trends. One of the most basic beliefs about technical analysis is that no matter how fortunate your market is and what time frame you choose to make your investment. You will not be able to make money in the stock market unless you know the direction of the trend and how to identify this change in the trend. With stock market technical analysis training, you will be able to master this. Get hold of the best technical analysis books to understand more. 

Understanding Trendlines

The trendline is a straight line that connects a minimum of two or more price points and then can be extended into the future to figure out whether it is a line of resistance or support. The main principles that are applied to resistance and level of support are also applied to Trendlines. With this technical analysis course in Delhi, you will be able to learn more. 


1. MACD Indicator
2. Ease Of Movement
3. Mass Index
4. On Balance Volume
5. Stochastic Oscillator
6. Moving Averages
7. Bollinger Bands
8. RSI Indicator
9. and Tons More.

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